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Planting Mercy Church

My name is Spence Shelton. 3 weeks ago I was a pastor on staff at the 2nd greatest church on earth: The Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, NC. You’ve probably heard of it. I was a part of that church family from age 20 – 32. I became a man, husband, father, & pastor there. They sent me a few weeks ago to plant the greatest church on earth: Mercy Church in Charlotte, NC. You probably haven’t heard of it. That’s for the best. We don’t launch until September & we don’t know what we are doing. This series called “planting Mercy Church” is to serve 2 or 3 purposes. Primarily its a documentation of sorts for me to look back and say “awww man I remember that. Wow God has brought me a long way!” Second it’s to process. One of the best ways I learn is by writing, deleting, re-writing as way of reflecting on what God is doing. So that’s what this series is. Lastly, as I do this I hope it helps the guys like me who are considering planting, in the prep stage, or in the trenches with me right now. This isn’t tried & true wisdom. This is figuring it out as I go reflection.  

Week 1: Hang On To The Vision!

Week 2: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Week 3: The Idol of Now

Week 4: Doorholders

Week 5: Am I Getting Soft?

Week 6: Sunday is Coming

Week 7: Why Are We Shouting?

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