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A great moment in church planting

One thing I’ve learned is that church planting is hard, grueling work that doesn’t have a whole lot of fan fare attached to it. For all the hype church planting is getting in evangelical circles right now, its really not that sexy. It’s hard. I’ve spent countless hours recruiting people to come with us, building partnerships with supporters, and getting rejected many times in both of those. AND BTW, We aren’t even off and running yet. So, it only gets harder from here.

That is what makes moments like this past weekend so, so rich. I could tell you a lot about our launch team retreat we had this weekend. It was incredible and if I was only reflecting on that, it would count as my favorite moment yet in church planting. But then it happened. An established church in Charlotte extended a hand of partnership and offered to help us baptize one of our own. In doing so, they modeled so much of what I believe it will take to reach a growing city: Established churches helping new churches get their feet under them. In fact this not only helps new churches, many accounts have shown that when established churches get behind new church plants it actually brings new life to their own church as well. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, beyond all the partnership talk, is my new friend Jackie’s baptism. What a moment I will treasure for a long time to come. When she came up out of that water our church erupted. It was like we wanted an excuse all weekend to shout in celebration and then the best possible reason came. Someone declaring their faith in Christ through baptism.

I am so encouraged by the partnership Carmel Baptist extended to Mercy Church in hosting our new church this weekend and I could go on and on about the generous spirit of the leadership of Pastor Alex (in the video), Pastor Rob their missions pastor, and their other pastors. But, I’ll let you watch the video…cause its awesome. And yes, you’ll be able to hear Mercy Church there at the end. Thank you Carmel, Thank you Jesus!


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