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LEFT: The Struggle to make sense of life when a parent leaves

bookThe longer I serve as a pastor the more I witness first hand the pain of sin as it attacks friendships, marriages, and families. One of the things our pursuits of our own desires often blinds us to is the effect those empty pursuits are having on those around us. Reading Jonathan Edwards’ book LEFT immersed me into the emotional roller coaster of life when a parent leaves. More like a guided memoir than a book, Jonathan bares his own story to bring hope to those who share it, and needed awareness to those who do not.  I’ve always appreciated Jonathan’s refusal to sugar coat a journey that is filled with turns, setbacks, and unexpected wins and losses. This makes his writing relatable to each of us which is why you will probably finish the book in one sitting. And what I love most about this work is that his hope comes through in the soul level security he finds as an adopted child of God.

Listen, this book should probably be on the NYT best seller list. Yes Jonathan is my friend so I hope it gets there one day so I can say “I knew him when”. But more importantly I hope it gets there to bring light to the tragic epidemic of dysfunctional manhood in our culture and the fruit it is bearing on the next generation. Maybe you need to read this to find healing from the pain someone has caused you. Maybe you need to read this and then repent of the pain you’ve caused. Or, maybe you are like me and you need to begin to feel the weight of what some people you know are carrying around so that you can function as a better friend to him or her.

Bottom line, you will be well served in one or more ways to dive into Jonathan’s story and then experience the hope he’s now living with.

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