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The Knight Always Wins

I love bedtime in my home right now. My boys are 4 & 5 and their imaginations are easily captivated by a good story. Bedtime routine with dad is regularly 45 minutes but I cannot help it. I only have a few years with these boys like this and I plan to give it everything I can. The coup de gras of bedtime is the story. We either read the next story in the Jesus Storybook Bible, or I tell a tale from the Adventures of Beke & Zen.

Adventures of Beke & Zen
That’s right. I made up a story one night a couple of years ago on the fly about 2 brothers who “LOVE ADVENTURE!” and their names were “Beke & Zen.” Completely different than my two sons in front of me named Zeke & Ben. Of course they decided this was an instant classic and the next night I heard “can we hear another beke & zen story dad?” Thus set the trajectory of the adventures of beke & zen. They’ve been to the moon, the deepest oceans, to the U.N., to Krispy Kreme, Africa, and a far away land called Texas.

The Fire Breathing Dragon
Tonight was the scariest tale yet. I went for it. Short Version: I told them about the time 2 brother knights (Beke & Zen) killed an evil fire breathing dragon (15 houses tall) in order to save princess ellie (who was wandering around the room yelling “DADA!”) who was stuck in the tall tower guarded by the dragon. Beke & Zen courageously killed the dragon and rescued the princess from certain death.

The Knight Always Wins
When I finished the story my oldest son looked at me very concerned and said “but Dad, what if the dragon would have won the battle?” His nervous tone and sad eyes revealed a genuine fear of this creature dad had introduced tonight. I looked at him with a big smile and said son “The Knight Always Wins.” like only children can, his whole body changed in an instant and with a giant smile he said “Yes! The knight always beats the dragon! That’s great dad!” The fear of the dragon dissolved in the certainty of the knight’s victory.

Here I find myself tonight reflecting on that moment longing for his joy. The joy my son’s confidence in the knight gives him. The true story of the world is that of a knight who always wins. He always defeats the enemy to rescue his princess. He never once leaves the princess because the dragon is too scary, and he never once fails to defeat the dragon.

My son will no doubt create new stories where those knights face off against dragons. And his favorite part will be telling the climax of the story. Because the knight always wins.

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