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Discipleship is a big deal.

I’m spending some time with Trevor Joy preparing a book that will be released next spring on empowering discipleship in the local church. One of our big emphases is that Discipleship is serious. So let me holla at my friends who lead small groups and lead small group leaders. Admittedly, I’m listening to Imagine Dragons and feeling like William Wallace about to call some of my fellow people to stop settling for far less than what God has for us.

So here it goes boys & girls. Leaders of the 21st century church: FREEDOM!!!

Discipleship is a big deal. A really big deal.

If you lead a small group you probably know Matthew 28.18 – “Go therefore and make disciples.” You’ve heard it said the command word in the sentence is to make disciples. That’s the measure of how you are doing fulfilling the one mission God has given you. Period. You and I need to wake up really freaking fast then. Because according to the numbers, our generation is on the top deck of the titanic sipping champagne as it takes on water. Very shortly, we are going to realize the problem only to realize at the same time too much damage has been done to repair it. And the american church is going to look like a handful of lifeboats bobbing around with no direction in the sea of a skeptical culture (dang, didn’t see that metaphor going that far when I started).

Ok, doomsday scenario paused. I know God will “never let the gates of hell overcome the church.” The big C church will stand, But unless we get some kind of serious, the American church will continue to make converts & cause junkies, not disciples.

Here is a 3 part plan to change the course we’ve set.

  1. We must believe discipleship is a big deal.To say it in all caps for emphasis: DISCIPLE MAKING IS NOT A PROGRAM, ITS THE MISSION OF THE CHURCH!
  2. We must set a bar for leaders that matches the weight of the call God has put on our lives. Listen, this is too big of a deal to treat it lightly. If you depend on your small groups to be the disciple making units in your church, you need to put a great deal of your attention there.  Leaders should take the role of leading very serious. Leaders of Leaders should take their supporting role very serious.
  3. We must equip leaders to thrive above that bar. Pastors should take the care and equipping of both sets of leaders very serious. Church budgets should take disciple making very serious.

Song is over, I’m out!

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