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Double Shot of God

I was arrested by Isaiah 6.1-8 this morning. Seriously. I wasn’t planning on reading it, but I opened my computer and there it was over on the ESV site that I’d left my browser on. And much like Isaiah, it was like I was swept into something neither my heart nor mind were prepared for. If you are not a christian, don’t worry I’m not talking about some crazy trance or anything. We christians believe the Bible is the word of God & that we are being led by the spirit of God each day. So when the word of God is open in front of us, the spirit of God sometimes kind of lights up our soul in response to what we are reading.

It’s like a double shot of God. ha! that one might not make some happy. but I did just find a good title for this post. A triple shot is a rightly done church service. where the WORD of God (1) is opened, proclaimed, and affirmed by the PEOPLE of God (2) through the leading of the SPIRIT of God (3). Which is why I want to gather with my church every weekend.

Maybe another way to think about it: Think like those times where you have those “AHA best idea ever” moments (for me the shower is where those happen. no idea why). Now imagine those weren’t just good ideas/answers that put your mind at rest, but were deeply satisfying to your soul as well. This morning that’s as close an analogy as I can get. Christians, sorry if that sounds heretical somewhere. chill out if so.

Anyway, Isaiah 6.1-8 shook me and it’s because of how clear it seemed to me as I read it. I was frightened by God’s holiness, deeply convicted of my sin, inexpressibly thankful for God’s mercy to me, and joyfully motivated to go where he calls me.

Instead of preaching it to you here I encourage you to go read it. Or just open your bible to any passage. I believe God may arrest your soul as well. By that I mean He just may cause you to go from casual reading speed to an emergency brake stop because directly in front of you is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. And you will stare through your windshield in utter amazement unable to take your eyes off it. In that moment, God in his grace is meeting with you. Showing you he is indeed real, alive, mighty, merciful, and intentional with your life.

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