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Read it: God’s Smuggler

I just finished an entertaining read about Brother Andrew, a missionary to Eastern Europe during the 50s & 60s when the Iron Curtain was in full effect. Impressively he is still hard at work today! Here are the reasons I’d tell you to read the book:

  1. Its a good, easy to follow story. Brother Andrew narrates the tales of his journeys smuggling bibles into communist eastern europe and Russia. More like a series of stories than one long one, its easy to read a chapter or two in one sitting. And if you are one like me who is always reading non-fiction, you need some good stories in your literary diet. This one is easy, and still non-fiction!

  2. It challenged my faith. Brother Andrew was a simple dutchman who made a discipline of not overcomplicating faith. He believed God for the provisions he needed each day and God never failed to provide for him. I left this book very challenged by Brother Andrew in how I am trusting God with my life. I was also challenged by the persecuted church Andrew took those bibles to. To follow Christ actually cost them everything and yet they did it with joy.
  3. It builds a vision for the nations. Brother Andrew was so set on getting bibles, and thus the gospel, to nations who didn’t have it he was willing to sell everything he had to make it possible. For him, the next country he learned of who needed Christ generated a fresh vision of what God could do through him to make it happen. He was not just praying for the nations, but asking God for marching orders. His posture was a soldier waiting for the next deployment. I love that mindset and am convicted and encouraged by it.

All in all, an easy read you will be glad you read. You even get to call it history.

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