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We all fall down

So, I had a rather embarrassing & frightening moment happen yesterday. I was walking down the stairs in our home carrying my 11 month old little girl. Something I’ve done 500 times easily. 3 steps from the bottom my foot slid right off the end of the step. And I came crashing down. My right foot stayed behind, twisting my leg into ways it shouldn’t go. I heard popping and tearing in my right knee as my weight buckled under it….Oh you are wondering about the baby? In God’s grace she landed softly onto the bottom step and belly flopped on to the floor unharmed. Me? well I’m back in a knee brace where I spent most of my teenage years. no big deal.

This was the 2nd scariest moment I’ve had as a parent. The first was the week before when my 3yr old son Benjamin got a concussion & passed out on our living room floor. Frightening. He’s ok now. Compared to what others have experienced, I recognize & am grateful those are my scariest moments.

What I’ve learned: WE ALL FALL DOWN

We all fall down. I mean that BOTH literally and figuratively. Pain, scares, scars, broken bones, broken hearts, jobs lost, friends move away, loved ones pass away, crime, etc. We all fall down. It is a certainty of life in a fallen world. Whether self inflicted or inflicted by others we will fall. We will not just know, but taste, feel, and see the truth that the world is broken.

What I’ve learned: WE MUST NOT FEAR

I could live my life in fear of these moments where I, or my kids, will fall down. And truthfully I did for a couple of years. I had a very real battle with anxiety that nearly paralyzed me for several months. My kids sneezed, and my mind went to the ER. It was awful. Through that God painfully broke my idol of control over my life. I cannot stop anyone from falling down. I can however trust God in a fallen world. I can trust God cares for my children more than I. I can trust he cares for them (Matt 6).


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