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The 40 40 20 principle

Here at the Summit we spent some time a year ago trying to figure out how to strike a balance between asking our groups to align their studies with the rest of the church and allowing them to dig into areas of discipleship specific to their needs right now. We came up with the 40 40 20 paradigm that I hope will be helpful for you. *Important: this is for the planned once a week group gathering. Life together is far more than a calendared event.

40-40-20 is the % breakdown of the small group calendar year which runs from August to May. So, we break it down like this

40% – Alignment. 40% of the year we ask groups to use the materials we provide and to join in with the rest of the church so we are all learning and digging into the same scriptures during the week. Those scriptures are also linked to our weekend messages. This allows us to express the unity we have as one body a couple of set apart times during the year. We do a lot of work to put out quality study guides for our Alignment seasons.

40% – The Wheel. 40% of the year we give leaders the license to come up with their own plan for group life. We ask this to be done in conjunction with the consultation of their groups coach. We have a discipleship grid we call “the wheel” that helps leaders to be intentional with where they take their groups during these seasons. The goal here is to avoid studying a random book or topic because it sounds good. Instead we want them to engage areas of their lives with christ such as mission or community with intentionality.

20% – The Rest. We recognize the once a week planned group gathering will not always happen as planned. This 20% is basically a margin to take weeks to socialize, to miss because everyone is sick, or to go on a mission trip together. We’ve found its always good to build margin into your group calendar just like it is to build it into your personal calendar.

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