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Good-bye Mustang. The End of an Era

In 2001, my dad and I bought a 6 month old 2000 Ford Mustang. I was only 19 and it was my stud car. Really. I felt awesome driving it. And over the next 11 years, the mustang and I grew old together. Now I’m not an enthusiast, but something about that mustang grew on me after a while. It only had a V6, yet I always felt like I could rev that thing up and for the first 10 feet, race with any other car out there. I put ONE bumper sticker on it during those 11 years. But thanks to Rick Langston’s empty promise, the residue from that one bumper sticker stayed on the car for 5 years. I didn’t treat it near as well as it treated me. Seriously, in 11 years I had ONE mechanical issue and it came up just 4 months ago, and was resolved for under $200. I loved that mustang, or “the stang” as it was affectionately referred to by…me.

I had it when I married my wife, and I kept it through the birth of all three of our children. And though it became impractical for me to own about 3 years ago, I’ve fought selling it until now. My two boys called it Daddy’s race car. Daddy’s jeep (the free jeep that is replacing the race car) is cool, but its not a race car.

Today my family said goodbye to daddy’s race car. The day I bought the car, I took a picture of myself trying to look cool leaning beside it  (yeah that pic couldn’t be found). Before I took it to sell today, I put my family in front of it and took another picture. Thank you Mustang for a great era. Next month I turn 30. When I remember my 20s, I will think of you. And all the awesome places we went. just like that dr. Seuss book said we would.

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