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Small Group Resources Pt 2

Part 1 of this Small Group Resources series covered resources addressing what you need to think through Before you build a groups ministry and as you begin to build a groups ministry. In this post I want to move on to addressing small group leader training, and small group life. But first, a quick caveat.

*The first post was packed with resources designed to help you answer some fundamental questions about why you are doing small groups. Before you go any further, you must know the answer to the question: What are our goals for doing small groups? Until you know that, you cannot build a healthy groups ministry. So I implore you to do that hard work. Once you do that hard work then you will able to build and expand much more efficiently.

Small Group Leader Training

  • Leading Life Changing Small Groups by Bill Donahue. This is probably the resource I’ve used the most from Bill. In the small groups space we’ve long referred to it as Big Red. It serves as much as a manual as it does a book. As we were learning what we wanted groups to do here, this was a great tool for the laboratories that were our early small groups.
  • Simple Small Groups by Bill Search. I wish you already knew Bill if you don’t. The guy has both a sharp wit & a pastoral humility. Which means he gets away with waaaaay too much sarcasm. And I love it. This book comes out of his years as a small groups pastor at a big ole church where he had plenty of time in the trenches. I applaud Bill for keeping this book true to its title “simple” and making it something you could easily give your group leaders. If nothing else, you will mine some good stuff from it.
  • Redeemer NYC fellowship Group handbook: WHOA. This one you need to block off some time for, but like everything they put out, this is strong. Its about 15 years old, but I think both this and their church planting training manual are excellent resources for groups point people. Again, this thing is thick but its good.

Small Group Life

  • Why Small Groups by C.J. Mahaney. Ok, C.J. edited this and it is a GREAT first book for small groups to go through. While I am always on the hunt for new material, this one keeps coming back around as a great resource, built to be done in groups, to understand what community can look like.
  • Total Church Training Sessions by Steve Timmis. I recommended the book in Pt 1 of this series. Today I recommend a 3 part training he did on the principles in the book. This would be valuable for a group, or at least its leaders, to work through together. This one could be in the above on “training” but I chose to put it here in hopes groups would work through it together.
  • Life Together by Brett Eastman. If you are a fan of the purpose driven life, this is the small group study built out of that pool of thought. Typically a good small group curriculum sells 15,000 copies. To date this one has sold over 4 million. So something is clicking with people. It’s a simple, well-crafted study for helping people understand what community can look like. It may feel a little elementary, but many more groups than you realize need to start in the kiddie pool.
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