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Review: One to One by David Helm


One of the pastors on our groups team, Eric Stortz, introduced me to a book by one of his mentors, pastor & author David Helm. Helm’s book is called One to One Bible Reading and i found it to be a helpful tool.

The book is short, maybe a little over 100 pages, but gives a full treatment of a very practical method for engaging others with the scriptures. Helms purpose is simple & I think dead on. If The bible really contains the words of God, And if those words really are as powerful as the bible says they are, then the best thing for anyone Christian or not is to interact with those words.

So Helm lays out a simple method for walking with someone through the bible to encounter Gods words.

Got a non Christian co-worker you are trying to figure out how to talk about What you believe with? What if you just said “hey, would you have any interest in reading the bible with me for a few weeks?” – pg 23. Chances are increasingly good they will say yes helm shows via research data.

Look, bottom line, I read this thing in 50 minutes & got a TON out of it & am incorporating it into our evangelism tool box…& our leader development toolbox here.

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