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1 Bold Prayer: change your group’s perspective

We had our last EQUIP: Leadership Forum of the year last night. I had a great experience interacting with some of our small group leaders as we reflected on the year and what God has done. One thing we asked was “What one thing has really worked?” There were several great responses, one of which I wanted to share with you today. So thanks to Carolyn, Molly, & the girls in their women’s group for the following great, simple suggestion to improve the overall prayer life of the group.

Issue the group had: Lame prayer request time. You know this one. when all of your group members ask for prayer for their uncle’s sister’s cat cataracts?

Solution the leaders came up with: Each group member, each week, had to give ONE (no more or less) BOLD PRAYER REQUEST. One thing risky & specific enough that if God answers it, something significant will change in your life. Maybe it’s praying for God to heal you from X. maybe it’s for God to give you a clear conviction on which way to go in a big decision you have to make.

Results they saw: The women in the group began to believe God could answer them in the big things of life. He didn’t answer every request the way they wanted. But, they began believing and looking for God to do significant things in their life. In their words, this subtle change became a catalyst for a huge increase the prayer & evangelistic energy in the group.

In my reflection, it sounds like superficial faith became real faith. And real faith is beginning to unlock the power of God in their group.

Q for you: If you had one bold prayer, what would it be this week?

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