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Music Monday: The City Harmonic

Ok back from a little excursion last week into current events. If you missed last week’s posts on the NC Amendment One issue, here are links to part 1 , part 2, and part 3. I know several new readers are now subscribed to my blog here and hope you are informed & encouraged through this site.

Today it’s back into my exploration of music. I’m going current again this week and introducing you, if you haven’t already heard them, to City Harmonic.

Artist: City Harmonic
Album: I Have a Dream
Track you gotta hear: Tracks 2 & 3 together (Spark & Mountaintop), then Manifesto. Oh, and “The Story.”

A group of guys from Ontario, Canada have struck a deep chord with their first full album. There is a rich theology of hope and promise grounded in scriptures that are referenced and woven seamlessly into their lyrics. Paying tribute to Martin Luther King’s dream, these guys have a message and it will captivate you. We live in a broken world, but there is something Bigger, and Better than what we see now.

Why it is significant:
The rising generation is more cause oriented than any since the men & women who led the civil rights movement. They want a vision to buy into and they are completely open to it not being about themselves. I think this album taps into that cause-oriented value. It casts a vision for something greater than what we see around us. These guys call us to believe the Christian message in a way that is not pushy, or manipulative. It is truly a call UP to belief. as if they are standing on MLK’s mountaintop saying “come check this out. if you can just see what we see, you will be forever changed.” Maybe why it connects so much is because that is exactly how I want to preach. I want people to be swept up in hope of the glory of the Lord. For the rising generation, I feel like this album is a series of sermons that go after that. As I said in previous album reviews, I believe music should be more than just words to a tune. It should say something. I believe these guys get the gospel and declare it in an incredibly fresh way.

What I like:
RICH theology – In a similar demeanor to C.S. Lewis, these guys make deep theological truths very accessible to their listeners. I love it. Just listen to manifesto.

Current Sound – Somewhere between Cold Play & One Republic, these guys rock out a great sound that is really easy to listen to.

Life as We – They tap into a critical vibe I’m trying to tap into on this site. That life is not just about me. It’s lived in community. I believe “Manifesto” best captures that feel.

P.S. – This band has become my #1 must see in concert. Or at least meet & hang with. So, If somehow you are connected to The City Harmonic and you can get this post to them, I’d be grateful. And if any of the guys in the group are reading this somehow: It’s time for you guys to come to Raleigh-Durham. I’ll make it happen. Lecrae was here last week, it’s your turn.

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