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Music Monday: Jesus in My Place

Today I am excited to be back in the Music Monday saddle. Especially since I get to review for you an Album I got to see performed live just LAST NIGHT! So trust me the brain is fresh with thoughts on it. Here we go:

Artist: Summit Church Worship Team
Album: Jesus in My Place
AvailableiTunes May 1st (link will activate on May 1st)
The Story
I believe every GOOD album comes out of a story (remember I’m a rookie so this could be wrong, if so somebody correct me). This one comes out of the story of God’s work at and through the Summit church over the past few years. The title stems from the language used at the Summit to declare the gospel in 4 words “Jesus in My Place.” The songs were clearly written very intentionally to declare and celebrate the Gospel that has become such a focal point of preaching and ministry at the Summit Church. I’m personally excited to have watched close up as executive producer Jonathan Welch was gracious enough to include me on a few conversations, the fruit of which was an album title synced with a small group study we did just a couple of months ago.
Why it is significant
Another opinion: Great music isn’t just good, it is significant. It stands for something. In my opinion, this album serves as an exciting marker in the evangelical community that the recovery of gospel-centric thought is not stopping at the pulpit. This wave is moving into the arts & into discipleship ministries. This means it is sticking, and God willing my children will grow up celebrating the grace of Christ as they dive deeper into the Gospel.
What I like
  • Original Songs: The team of worship pastors & leaders on the album wrote most of the songs. Led by the experience of Matt Papa, they put together some great new additions to the worship music community.
  • Surprisingly Blended Tone: I was expecting a rock tone to this music that might reflect some of Matt Papa’s recent work as he was in on a lot of the writing. but Welch instead put together an album that stays on the easier edge of rock while still capturing an anthemic feel, giving us something even my kids are already memorizing. It truly is an album for the church. Now, its a full band deal with a very current sound. Its also one you can go ahead and press the “repeat” button on!
  • Multiple Voices, one sound: Truthfully its a little absurd how talented some of the people are on this album. They “have pipes.” I’m grateful we get to hear so many of them in a way that still keeps one overall “sound” to the album. You don’t feel like you are listening to 10 albums, but 1 with 10 voices. Very cool.

3 Tracks to pay attention to:

  1. Jesus in My Place – the title track doesn’t disappoint. Definitely the Anthem of the album and one you will find yourself singing at random point
  2. Thank you Lord (my wife’s favorite): In a way only she can, Haven Sink hits notes even bluejays can’t get to while still keeping it smooth and worshipful. I’m telling you, this girl is just crazy talented.
  3. You Are – Cool, distinct sound with a rescued message anyone can resonate with. I love it.

Coming next week
: The City Harmonic: I have a dream.

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