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3 Questions to ask in disciple making

We’ve been working hard to re-calibrate our disciple making resources here at the Summit so they can be leveraged for the one-on-one discipleship conversation. Truthfully we have always thought “small group” first when creating resources. I believe this has served us well and we are not shifting away from that, just enhancing it by incorporating elements that will encourage healthy gospel-centered discipleship in those crucial one-on-one conversations.

So here we go. The 3 questions we are incorporating into our resources that I think are fundamental for healthy, constructive discipleship conversations:

1. Where are you?

While we give 5 areas to ask this question into (nothing original) in our materials, this question applies to any discipleship conversation. Unless you are painfully honest with where you are with God (for example have you prayed privately at all in the last 10 days? what about?) you will never be able to set up a realistic, healthy spiritual growth plan. You’ll just dabble in false religiosity. So, whether its in your marriage or in your tithing, honesty here is king.

2. Why Are you There?

This is the most important question. This question is intended to connect actions with beliefs. The goal is to remove the “dream” you have about your- self and deal with the reality of what you believe at a practical level. For example, a person may say that she/he believes in the Great Commission, but over the last year they have not told the Gospel message to anyone. The goal is to reveal that something else (maybe comfort, security, pride) is dictating their daily life more than the Gospel. At this stage, you must understand that your actions flow from your true beliefs.  “Why” is the most important question to lead you towards Gospel-centered life change. Skipping this question and going directly to #3, will only promote religiosity. Please, do not play that game. it kills.

3. What is your next step?

This question is to help you with action steps towards growing in belief and action according to the Gospel. Question 1 observes one’s actual life in Christ. Question 2 reveals what one’s true motivation is.  This question helps create a workable game plan for the near future. It also helps fight against our tendencies to ONLY set far-looking goals of grandeur. While we should long for the mountaintop, we get there by getting on the path and walking it.

Hope these help. They are making our discipleship conversations more intentional and effective here at the Summit.

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