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491,520 people in 32,768 small groups in 15 years

Below is a note I just received from one of the group leaders I coach here at the Summit. To grow our small group capacity we created a “planting” small group model. It is modeled after a church planting strategy. The goal: reaching more people. With the leader’s permission, I’m sharing their group’s game plan for the next 15 years to reach RDU:


We have been talking as a group about the importance of being disciples who make disciples. This leads naturally to talking about being a small group that plants small groups. We are committing to being a small group that will help plant 32,768 small groups over the next 15 years. (You can see the math below.)

We basically committed to working towards planting at least 1 small group a year. Then if each small group that is planted plants 1 small group a year over the course of 15 years it adds up to 32,768 groups (impacting 491,520 people).

We took the rest of the small group time to discuss if we are planting small groups what do we want those small groups to look like…prayer and scripture focused, vulnerable, missions focused, full deep friendships, Holy Spirit directed, etc.
After discussing our goal for the small groups we will reproduce we examined how our group can do that same thing.  Such an Amazing time!!!

Year # of Small Groups # of people impacted (15 per group)
0- 1- 15
1- 2- 30
2- 4- 60
3- 8- 120
4 – 16 – 240
5 – 32 – 480
6 – 64 – 960
7 – 128 – 1920
8 – 256 – 3840
9 – 512 – 7680
10 – 1024 – 15,360
15 – 32,768 – 491,520

Tell me this doesn’t get you amped.

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  1. March 19, 2012 at 9:19 am

    Spence that’s a great vision for that group. It is so exciting when leaders catch a big vision? Have they thought about what is needed to accomplish it? …like leader development …new participants. I’d be interested in hearing their thoughts on that too.

    • March 19, 2012 at 10:09 am

      Great insight. I like where you are headed. I am actually hesitant to encourage structure, at this point, beyond what they’ve set up. I have a tendency, like most, to over structure something still in its early phase where it needs the freedom to grow.

      Hopefully, the structure & training support provided by our groups ministry will be something each group can readily plug into.

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