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Jesus in my place: A new Small Group Study

Sorry for the silence from my end recently. Like many in the church world the rush from Christmas through january tends to be exciting and time demanding. I want to take just a second to introduce you to the newest small group study from the Summit Church. This is part of an Alignment series we are going through titled Jonah:Castaway. More on alignment tomorrow. Below is a short bio of the small group study:

        • Title: Jesus in My Place
        • Purpose: To equip you to share the gospel message.
        • Length: 5 Sessions
        • Structure: Video teaching combined with in-group discussion
        • Cost: $5 for hard copy, free online

I’m introducing this to you for 2 reasons.

  1. As a resource that may help you and your small group. I’m finding so many in our church who are young in their faith and WANT to share christ, but just don’t feel they know how. Maybe your group and/or your church is in the same place. We worked hard to make this an easy to use, self-explanatory resource a group leader can pick up and run with. (Caveat: We did use a good bit of summit church specific language so if you use it in your group, you will probably want to explain that. Or, maybe you just use it and take what you learn & teach it yourself. Whatever works for you!)
  2. To generate discussion on small group material. God has been gracious to afford me the chance to write a couple of studies that are now out in the ocean-sized market of group materials. They are Gospel Revolution & Presence. Please buy them both! In writing them I worked through a good bit of material out there for groups. I found it tough to wade through and a good bit of it lacking in the “equipping” aspect. By that I mean there is some fantastic stuff that will help you come to know God and his word better, but often leave you hanging before it gets to not just “application” but “preparation.” Helping you feel equipped to live out the life God calls you to. I lay this material out there as an early attempt from the Summit toward that end. I promise, I’ve already found things wrong with it so I know it isn’t perfect. I’d love to hear from you, what do you NEED out of a small group material? I wonder if its the same thing I feel we need here?
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