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New Album Preview: She’s better than dreams


Artist: Aftermath (Jonathan Edwards)

Album: She’s Better than Dreams

Favorite Track: Airplanes & Airwaves

Surprise Track I really like: She’s Got Me

I am thrilled to tell you my friend Jonathan Edwards & the aftermath has put together another album, this one titled “she’s better than dreams.” the album goes live on January 10 and I am glad to give this thing my full force recommendation to your music library. Here’s why:

1. It’s better than the last one. A sign of a true artist is his/her ability to stretch themselves and still produce quality work. Jonathan stretches himself on this one. While it still fits in that blues meets anthem meets coldplay vibe created in the first album, it is fresh. His voice is much stronger and clearer and he takes more risks with it range wise (Track 2 “She’s Got Me” has a lot of this).

2. The Story Continues. Jonathan’s first album seemed to have its genesis in dealing with dark patches of the past. This one feels more resolved. Almost like the soundtrack at the end of a movie where everything has resolved itself and now the main character is looking ahead where hope and realism weave together to form new dreams.

3. Its short yet complete. I’m grateful for this not because i only want 5 songs, but because he put good work into all 5. Remember Hootie & The Blowfish “cracked rear view?” GREAT first 5 songs and pretty much nothing after that. If you download “She’s Better than Dreams” you get 5 strong songs. period.

Maybe the best part of this album is that it feels like an original sound has been developed in a world where not too much is original anymore. To find out more:

 Twitter: follow @NotThePuritan
 Album releases January 10, 2012
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