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Multiplication of the Church pt. 2

Yesterday I shared a video from City Church, a recent Summit Church plant in Murfreesboro, TN. What a joy to see God’s grace being poured out through their church as well as through Summit Denver, a church plant we sent out just under a year ago. My point with sharing this is that I am learning no matter how many people we see come to faith in RDU (and I pray a wave of that is upon us), people in other areas of the country and world still need to hear the gospel. They need a local church to be the visible expression of God’s invisible yet overwhelming love for them. By planting local churches around the country we are creating not just adding opportunities to hear and respond to the gospel, we are multiplying them.

The next Summit Church plant is Mercy Hill Church, led by another of my closest friends Andrew Hopper. Andrew and I went through seminary together and grew up together as pastors here at the Summit. He’s heading to my hometown, Greensboro NC, along with 20+ others from the Summit to plant their lives for the sake of that city. While it pains me to see him go, I know God’s past grace is a promise of his future grace. I cannot wait to see how lives are transformed by the Gospel over the next 10 years in Greensboro. I think of so many friends who I grew up with that I cannot wait to recommend this church to when they hit the ground next spring. Below Pastor Andrew explains more:

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