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What to look for in a potential group leader

Right now is the season where a group leader really needs to begin to look closely at his/her group and identify one or two people that could be sent out to plant a new group next Summer. This gives the leader time to train up the “rookie” in the skills needed to lead a group. In our model here at the Summit, RIGHT NOW is where we build for success in August of 2012. I think this is the task I get the most out of as a small group leader. Identifying and developing a guy or girl whose next step is to make more disciples is the joyful work of any disciple maker!

I think we all agree with this, we just look at our group and go “sure, that sounds nice, but…nobody in here could be a leader.” I think I’ve heard that more than anything else and when I start to dig, the reason for this is that we are often looking for an “ideal” instead of a few tangible signs that this person is headed in the right direction.  Here are some things I look for. This list came out of a conversation I had with the fantastic pastoral team at our North Durham Campus here at the Summit.

1. Actively Maturing in Christ. Notice, I am not saying they are “mature” in Christ. Let me explain. We often have this mythical spiritual scale that has a red line on it somewhere, and once a person passes that red line in their spirituality, then they are qualified to lead. Can I tell you something…there is no line. Let me hedge that: I am not saying a new convert should be in leadership in the church. Paul warns us against this very thing (1 Timothy 3.6) as it can set them up to swell with pride. That said, who in your group is showing clear signs of walking with Christ? Are they generous? Do they live and breathe the scriptures? Are the sharing their faith? Is all of this coming out of the gospel? Again, not “who is the perfect christian” but who is showing signs of belief?

2. Commitment to the church and the group. Who in your group has move from “church shopper” to committed? Do they get pumped about the vision of the church? Can you count on them every week to be there at group? I bet you can think of these names really quick. Who is “in?” These are some of the most likely people to get excited about the idea of leading a small group. While they may not feel they can lead, they do love their church and are committed to its health. This is huge in leadership.

3. Evidence of biblical leadership in their lives. Not the “CEO” leadership skill set, but biblical leadership. This is closely related to #1. In their relationships and responsibilities right now, are they leading out in what God has called them to? Is the husband leading his family in Christ? Is the college senior honoring God in her studies? Is the single 27 year old exalting Christ in how he works? BASICALLY: Do they have the character & courage to follow christ in the circles of influence he has placed them in right now? If they do, then you can be confident they will do so as a group leader.

Use these as a maybe a fresh set of lenses to look at your group. Now, very few will be a yes to all three. But that just means you now have a discipleship plan for these people in your group! Are they a YES to any of them? Then start there and work with them on the others. I’m praying for our Summit Small Group Leaders as they start looking, with fresh eyes, to find the next set of disciple makers here at the Summit.


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