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Halloween and your small group

I’m writing this post to help small group leaders think well about how to position themselves and their group for Halloween. Hope it benefits you.

PRINCIPLE:Never waste opportunities to connect with your neighborhood. How often do your neighbors actually come en-masse knocking at your door? Once a year (or more if your house is where that odor is coming from) on Halloween. What a great chance to make some connections with your neighbors in a community that otherwise does everything possible to avoid one another. for more See George Robinson’s recent post on Between the Times.

: Take them or leave them, but don’t send me halloween hatorade. I’ll just hand it out with the candy.

  • Halloween Station. For the 2nd year my group is setting up shop at the end of my driveway with candy, hot chocolate, and cider for everyone who comes through. Had a great impact on the neighbors last year. If your group meets on monday, this is easy. Or Maybe do something saturday or sunday like a pumpkin carving contest.
  • Don’t hole up, Go to neighborhood or office functions. I know, crazy right? But again, something about halloween makes people want to get together and hang. I’m not encouraging chicanery or revelry of any kind, just connection with neighbors. This goes a long way with them I promise.
  • Be Intentional. This is not specific to halloween, but with whatever you choose to do, be intentional in building relationships with those in your circle of influence. Christmas is around the corner which is one of the most likely times those people will accept an invite to church. Don’t be their friend to get them to church. Be their friend. And then as their friend, share what is most important to you.
Whatever you do, make the most of October 31st and do not carve the pumpkin below
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