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A new resource: Presence

I’ve been absent on the blog here for a couple of weeks as are most small groups guys this time of year. The business of recruiting, training, and connecting creates a beautiful chaos around local churches in august and september. In addition to all of that, I spent the summer working on a couple of projects I am glad to say are finally making their way to the finish line.

I am proud to tell you about Presence, a new small group study now available from LifeWay. This study looks into Exodus 32-34 to open our eyes to the power that comes through the presence of God in our lives. Being in the presence of God is the great joy of the Christian life. My lead pastor, J.D. Greear, teaches through what the Presence of God is, how we find it, how we keep it, and what to do when we feel we’ve lost it. I had the privilege to write the small group experience that goes with this great set of messages (And yes, I definitely had a “look mom, my name is in print” moment when I saw the proof).

On a personal note, I was overwhelmed by God’s grace as I wrote this study. My wife and I went through some pretty tough stuff earlier this year and in his providence, God used this spring / summer to basically immerse me in the reality that the presence of God is all we need in our lives. I had simply sidelined God to the knowledge section of my life. I was convicted and challenged to, as Moses did, make the presence of God the center of my desires. My wife and I found hope and healing in recovering from tragedy in the truths we were confronted with as I prepared this study.

I hope it is as helpful to you in going through it as it was to me preparing it.

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