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Theology is changing my life

I want to hit on the personal side of the “why theology matters” talk I gave this past weekend. Here is the reality: over the past 10 years I’ve changed a great deal. Some of that is simple life maturity. From late teens to late 20s is a huge jump in our culture towards maturity. whether personally or in the life of close friends, I’ve experienced pretty much the full scope of the good & bad life brings you. Death & Birth, Marriage & Divorce, Healing & Sickness, Wealth & Poverty, etc.

I’ve learned there are 2 ways to deal with life: let what happens define what you think about life (your worldview) or let your worldview make sense of what happens to you. I got tired of trying to do the first, and began the hard work of doing the latter.  That is called theology.

My life is always changing in small or large ways. I need a way to interpret it. Because 10 years ago I decided that God must exist, I began to seek out what that meant for what was happening in my life. That was my first dip into theology. 10 years later I do the same simple (not easy) task. If God exists & He is who the bible says he is, how does that make sense of the world around me? I believe theology is life altering only as it leads you deeper into knowing God. not knowing ABOUT God, but communing with Him more. Meeting God. Relating to God. That kind of knowing.

Ex: My marriage: If God exists, then I need to look to Him to understand love. In God I learn he wants us to see Him as the ultimate Father. The father who, because he never changes, has always and will always love us. Always. Even when we do stuff to piss him off. The result of this theology lesson is my new definition of love. I define love not by what I want or think I can handle, but by how the designer of love loves. Unconditional permanent passionate affection. 7 years in, I promise that is not easy in my marriage. But I also promise living by the design bring more DEEP joy than living any other way. Thank God for theology. Knowing Him has saved our marriage more times than we want to count. I promise Courtney and i are selfish people who, even though we want to be good spouses, still find ourselves in the same fights all couples get in. ONLY God’s grace and our understanding of it is making our marriage work. Theology is changing my life!



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