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5 reasons Easter is my favorite day of the year

3 of these are related to the church & two are personal. no particular order

  1. Salvations. I always have trouble sleeping Easter Eve because the power of the resurrection is still at work. People who rarely come to church show up, hear the gospel, repent and believe. It happened this weekend. Its happened every year I’ve been on staff here at the Summit. God is good and he still saves.
  2. Discipleship Moment for believers. Thank you to the probably 75+ small group leaders who served as baptism counselors this weekend. Many got to walk someone from death to life. Its my favorite discipleship moment because its like “fish in a barrel” evangelism. So many of our leaders and people grow significantly on Easter weekend as they prepare, share and explain the gospel with non christians. I love it.
  3. Celebratory spirit. Easter is like July 4, Cinco-de-Mayo, Thanksgiving, and….ummm, other big days, all rolled into one. It is the remembrance of THE victory for Christians. The entire christian faith hinges on the validity of the resurrection. Everything depends on it. We sang a song on the resurrection in the service I attended that I think was called “come awake” and I get the vibe Matt Papa may have written it. It was celebrating the victory we have in Christ’s resurrection. Awesome day of celebration.
  4. Friends. Every year we have neighbors and other friends who get together to celebrate Easter. We are so blessed to be surrounded by so many friends. We never take that for granted. Especially since neither of us were very cool growing up. This year we celebrated with about 4 other families in good ole Easter Feast fashion. It was awesome. I was stuffed.
  5. Dark Chocolate. I dont know why Easter & Chocolate are connected, but I thank God for it (If you want to know why, watch Jim Gaffigan’s king baby. he has a great bit on it). People gave me candy yesterday just because it was easter. Freaking sweet.
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