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For the kids

So Courtney and I are in the latter half of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. We’ve enjoyed the content and found it helpful in giving us some structure for long-term planning.  One specific area we have particularly paid attention to is how to pay for your kids to go to college. So far, we have 2 boys 14 months apart. That means potentially 2 tuition bills at once for a few years! WHOA!  They are far too short and clumsy for athletic scholarships. We’ve thought about going all Tiger Mother on them to ensure academic scholarship, but that seems crazy. We hope they get full academic rides to Oxford, Harvard, and UNC. In case they dont, we want to be able to help them get a college education should they choose to pursue it. While writing this I asked my 1 yr old son if he wants to go to college. He responded by biting the strap to his high chair. Well, maybe one in college.

The other day it hit me. I’m spending so much time and energy preparing for my kids future financially. And as their parents, I believe this is a good thing. I should be. But how much time do I spend preparing for their future spiritually? Ouch. Here’s what I mean. Do I plead with God for their salvation? Do I pray they grow to be men of God? Men who in 16-17 years will leave this home as missionaries to whatever setting God takes them to next (oh yeah, they are outta here at 18)? Bottom line: Do I believe my kids need Jesus or college funding more?

So, just like I am adjusting my budget now for long-term financial planning for my kids. God is convicting me of how I am adjusting my life now for long-term spiritual leadership of these boys. It isnt easy. That time and energy could be spent elsewhere. But it is what is most valuable to me. So my daily life needs to begin to reflect it.

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