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Changing our prayers

I found this quote from David Powlison incredibly revealing of several prior prayer experiences in my life.

“It’s hard to learn how to pray. It’s rare enough that we make an intelligent, honest request from capable friends whom we trust for something we very much need. That’s all prayer is. But somehow when the making of a request is termed “praying” and the capable party is termed “God,” things tend to get tangled. You’ve seen it, heard it, done it: the contorted syntax, formulaic phrasing, meaningless repetition, “just reallys,” vague non-requests, artificially pious tone of voice, air of confusion. If you talked to your friends or parents that way they’d think you’d lost your mind!”

“But if your understanding of prayer changes…. If your practice of prayer then changes…. If the prayer requests you make— and the ones you ask others to make— change…. If the model of prayer that you evidence with and before others changes…. If your teaching on prayer changes….

Here is the full article this quote is pulled from. As the Summit spends this month focusing on our prayer lives, I found Powlison’s article a great refresher. The bottom line, Powlison says to change our prayers we must keep spiritual issues in view and long for Christ’s kingdom.

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