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Open letter to Big Tim

So I walk up to check out at Food Lion the other day, and a guy with the name tag Big Tim is waiting to ring me up. I was not confused by his name tag. The guy was big, had dreadlocks & tattoos. On his louisville slugger sized forearm was a tattoo that read “pain is love.” Feeling bold because a fellow Summit Church member was in line behind me, I asked him about the tattoo. Something like what does “pain is love” mean? His response was great.  He proceeded to tell me he is a christian and he believes Jesus Christ came to provide a way for us to be saved from our sins. But that way was the cross which was a way of pain & suffering. He did it out of his love for us. Pain is Love.  After trying to wipe the dumb grin off my face I stammered something like “do you have a church?” As of Saturday, he didnt. So I went for the hard sell because I desperately want Big Tim to come disciple our church on what living on mission looks like. its not complex, it is profoundly simple. That guy loves Jesus, works a job, and uses that job as a platform to tell others about Jesus.

So Big Tim, if you haven’t come yet, you need to come to the Summit Church. And to others out there who want to live this simple, profound way of life: come join us.

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