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A saint, friend, and a warrior.

A couple of days ago, Curtis Crutchfield went to be with Jesus. our lead pastor has written about him here, and below is one of my own memories of Curtis.

As a 24 year old seminary student I had the privilege to intern with the Legendary Danny Franks at what had become the Summit Church, just a couple of years earlier. Part of my internship involved a “pastoral ministry” training course the seminary had allowed the pastors of the Summit to teach on location.

It was in this course where I had my first extended interaction with Curtis Crutchfield. The pastors brought him in to teach us on prayer. There is a reason I remember that moment. Curtis, whose only credentials were the title “the guy who leads our prayer stuff,” overwhelmed me with his faith. Not his “tips” for prayer or his refined theology of prayer. But with his conviction. This man spoke to us with complete conviction about the power of prayer. He spoke from the scriptures and from his life. It was a 4 person discussion, but it has remained with me as much as any seminary lecture I ever heard. Why? Probably because I saw him live it as well. We say “belief unlocks the power of God” and I saw a regular soft-spoken guy believe God in a way that almost made the walls shake when he prayed. The prayer life of the Summit was largely forged under his leadership and for that I give God great praise.

Curtis will be missed. His faith has become sight. The way God used him to forge my faith and others is a testimony to one man’s belief. and how it unlocked the power of God among the people of the Summit Church.

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