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Where have all the good men gone?

Ok, one purpose of this post is actually to direct you to a recent post on the Wall Street Journal Online entitled “Where Have all the Good Men Gone?” In her post, author Kay S. Hymowitz details her theory that the rise of educated, driven women has contributed to pushing men into an extended pre-adulthood adolescence. Whether or not you buy her reasoning, the statistics are sobering. Men are being outpaced in the classroom and in the workforce by their female peers.

My second purpose for today’s post: I’m concerned you could look at the church and find the very same thing: Women stepping in and leading the church in the absence of any men willing to do so. That’s where I have a problem. I pastor in a very young-professional dense context so this article is particularly pertinent to me. I love seeing so many young men in our church join with me in leadership and truthfully do not believe the “extended adolescence” problem is systemic here at the Summit. That said, I know my own propensity to laziness bred from a false sense of entitlement so I can only imagine other men have it as well.

Are you seeing this in your church? in your group of friends?

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  1. Agonistes
    February 21, 2011 at 4:26 pm

    Here’s a similar response to an article by Hanna Rosin. She drops a great term—and regardless of what one might think about her conclusions, a term that has some real merit—that I had heard before: Post-Heroic. That is, our culture has entered the Post-Heroic Age.


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