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Book of the Week: Christless Christianity

Ok so this post will be a short but positive endorsement. I am working through Michael Horton’s Christless Christianity this week. Mainly because J.D. is making us read part of it for staff meeting, but as always the reading from such an assignment is good. Horton lays out a very stern rebuke of American Christianity for having replaced the gospel as news to celebrate with a false-gospel of good advice.

Whether we are talking about the Dalai Lama or Dr. Phil, Islam or Oprah, liberals or conservatives, the most intuitive conviction is that we are good people who need good advice, not helpless sinners who need the good news.”

Reader be warned though. This book is a 6 or 7 on the “gonna take me a bit to get through it” scale. But man it seems to be worth it so far. our entire staff team is reading Chapter 4 which really zeroes on on the good news vs. good advice argument. I appreciate how he addresses the influential voices in evangelicalism today from Olsteen to McLaren & others in between. Seriously, this dude did his homework then went to task. I think if you are up for it, you will find this to be a convicting and clarifying read.

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