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Its happening…a message you should read.

So God always finds ways to drop encouragement my way when I need it. And he usually does it through either his word or his people. The email below is from a friend here at the Summit and may be the best one I’ve received as a pastor here. I told him that. You may have to forgive the intro as Clayton is a fellow UNC alum. He articulated my dream for our small groups as if he had plucked it right out of my brain. This pumped me up like a pep talk from Mickey in the good movies in the Rocky series. He gave me his permission to post the content of that email today:

Spence,  first off.  i hate dook too.  thanks for spelling it dook.

I wanted to take a minute to encourage you.  Thank you for your service.
I realized recently that you are a big part of the church planting and send RDU teams.  but wait… you are the small groups pastor.

Since you are a carolina guy I will take you through a quick journey of my recent thoughts.

I have this really close friend brian turney (west club).  we have lead bible studies together, run a business together, and been in a bible study together for years now.  we are close.  we fight, we get on each others nerves, we challenge each other, we make each other better, we push each other towards Christ and christlikeness.  (also, brian is a lot cooler than me and chillin with him makes me think i am also cool).  they are moving to denver with soma (also makes him really cool).

At first i was really upset.  pissed. sad.  really mad.  distraught that i might be loosing my best friend.  i told him we would have “vision meeting raleigh”.  when the time came around this is what my pitch sounded like (through some fought back tears, with our wives sitting with us in a coffee shop in brier creek)

“Our friendship is this, we challenge each other to be the best Christians we can be, to follow Christ fully and to seek him and his glory in all things.  Although my emotions make me want to say please stay here, if i did say that i would be going back on our friendship and what it is based on.  It would be selfish for me to ask you to stay FOR ME.  It also would ruin the true Christian friendship that we have. We would no longer be challenging each other, no longer encouraging each other to pursue Christ, no longer having true biblical friendship.  Go to Denver, i support you, to God be the glory.”  (in a nutshell, and partially spurred by the jonathan/david message and small group study)

Now I find myself throwing myself into my couples small group.  Great new friends.  We are growing closer.  and I have come to realize that I have to draw close to these people.  Allow them to know me, expose myself, confess sin, receive forgiveness, and learn to love Jesus and his grace even more.  true friendship.

At the summit two of the big things are… we SEND people out and we encourage people to be in SMALL GROUPS.  two opposites.  but are they?  The paradox is this.  It is only when we bring people in close and plug them into the lives of other believers in true, close, dirty biblical community that they will begin to consider leaving.  get that?  we have to get small so that we can send.

If I kept brian turney at an arms length and we hung out and had fun together i may have been able to keep him around longer.  I may have enjoyed his company here in RDU for my whole life.  But it is because of our work in each others lives that he is ready to be sent.  ready to leave his life here and plant it in the city of denver to make the gospel known there.

You are a huge part of sending RDU to the nations.  be encouraged and labor hard because your work is not in vain.  it is for the glory of God.  

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