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Honor your Leaders!

Can I admit something to you? I think God is allowing me to equip and serve some of the most amazing leaders on planet earth. Seriously. The Summit Church is replete with talented, humble, God-fearing men and women. Can I admit something else to you? (thanks for your silent permission) I often take these people for granted. I do not appreciate them anywhere near what they deserve. Truthfully I know I need to grow in this area. I tend to assume our leaders are out there knocking it out of the park (im usually right). Thankfully, I’m learning. God has put me around people who kill it when it comes to honoring leaders. Danny Franks, the First Impressions Sultan, is one of them. The guy bubbles over with appreciation like the top of a 5 level chocolate fountain (i dont know). Another newer friend in ministry is Heather Zempel. I want to point you toward her blog post from saturday as she articulates briefly & clearly why we should appreciate our people. Thanks to both of these & a few others, I’m getting my rear in shape in this area. Summit Leader, please know I never want to take you for granted. You put your life into our ministry together here in RDU & I know why: because you want to make disciples as badly as I do. You want to be a part of something greater than yourself, namely the mission of God. And I LOVE it. So today, I toast you via the ole internet. And to you in ministry, honor your people. If you need help, go to Danny or Heather or anybody else linked over on the right. That’s where I go!

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