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Idols, Cars, & little baby jesus

This is my oldest son’s 3rd christmas. This is the first one he really is into though. As an infant & one year old, he largely watched the world go by and participated by taking bites out of whatever was near him (food, arms, toys, sticks, you get the picture). But this year he is all into it. We put up the christmas tree to which he said “A tree in the house? that’s silly!” (good point son). We also put up a toy nativity scene on a low shelf so he & his little bro can play with it throughout the season. Well, in the way only a 2 yr old can, he used that new nativity scene this week to reveal the progression of his idolatry and really to reveal the idols in your life and my life as well. So as you see my son’s idolatry grow, I hope you chuckle & do a little introspection as well. So here we go, the 2 step process to replacing Jesus with something you value more.

Step 1: Jesus in center, but idol joins the party. Doc Hudson, a race car character from the movie Cars is Zeke’s favorite toy on earth. maybe the most important thing to him outside of M&Ms. So we were not surprised when we stumbled across this nativity scene Monday as updated by Zeke. As one friend commented, this makes complete sense from a 2 yr old’s perspective. How do you think all those wise men got to the manger? They saw that star & hopped into a ’57 hot rod. that’s how. So the idol is on the scene. Looks like he is just observing.

Step 2: Idol replaces Jesus. One day later my wife found the nativity scene had changed. In just 24 hours my son had revealed what he was truly thinking. That central to his happiness & contentment is Doc Hudson. So in a very literal depiction of that sentiment, he constructed a more realistic version of the nativity as he wants it: Unto us a savior is born, Doc Hudson. Baby Jesus, out in the street!

Since Doc is cooler than baby Jesus, he gets Jesus’ slot as savior. Pretty impressive for a 2yr old if I may brag. But how incredibly accurate is this of how I really live! So often the idols of prestige & security supplant Christ in my manger scene. Might as well drop a $$ right in there instead of Doc & you have my manger scene all too often.  So thank you son, for the fun but needed lesson. And for pictures that will certainly make their way into a sermon some day.

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  1. December 2, 2010 at 9:45 am

    Everybody knows that if you’re going to idolize a Cars character it should be Mater. Come on Zeke…let’s talk.

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