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Live Blogging from “Method behind the Madness” pt 3 – group think

We are into the interactive portion of the worship planning meeting. This is where Pastor J.D. brings what he has prepared so far this week and seeks input for his sermon. Pt 1 – organizing the service & Pt 2 – Sermon Prep also available.

J.D. leading session on Sermon Planning

  • Here is the Manuscript he brought in to the planning meeting. Likes to come in to wednesday with a pretty full outline.
  • Text: 1 Samuel 24-26. 3 different narratives that we are going to do all in one sermon. WHOA.
  • J.D. asks for help with introduction on how we all tend to interpret our feelings and desires as God’s will. Some great input by a couple of the campus pastors on Money & Dating relationships.
  • Talking about revenge. How we take revenge and why / how we can see God as judge not us. Patience (reminder – J.D. read a book by John Ortberg 8 years ago that had a comment on patience & he had it in his research. just another reminder that research is good.)
  • From here, most was review of manuscript with a few pauses for input.  Moving into Q & A…

This finished up with some Q & A. For more info & to see weekly sermon manuscripts, visit J.D.’s blog. Hope this was helpful!

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