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Live Blogging from “Method Behind the Madness” Pt 2 – Sermon Prep

Now up, J.D. Greear in sermon planning. Pt 1 on worship planning is here.

J.D. Greear – Sermon Planning

J.D. is talking through how he prepares his sermon each week. He was gracious enough to share his notes from the “how to prepare a sermon.”

J.D. Greear – Mechanics of Sermon Prep – Caveat, he doesn’t want to create clones. He hopes this helps but if it doesn’t he will not be offended. My notes to follow are trying to catch good thoughts he doesn’t have on here, but use the notes linked for key stuff. I will make Pt 3 the actual prep time for this week.

  • Guard your time! – sermon prep is critical so guard it.
  • Research is a discipline: its not how many books you read or own, but can you get to the stuff you read when you need to? FILE STUFF! Research is a big deal.
  • Planning a series: He doesnt do very long series (multiple years in a book) not because it’s bad, but because he wants to give a balanced diet of exposition of the scriptures.
  • Stages: Just so you know, there are about 16 different stages he goes through each week. The notes lay this out but just letting you know what you are in for! I’m not about to lay all those out here.
  • Content (FBI illustration) – he had a preaching prof who made his class watch a 10 minute video from FBI that was just a camera focused on a street corner. He then asked them after 10 minutes to write everything they observed. 10-15 things? no, 270. train your mind to really observe the text.
  • Ideagoras – everything is better with group think. Talk with others about your sermon ideas.
  • Refining of main point – usually the #1 critique he gives to new preachers. Refine your main point! Get it down. quote “books don’t change people, sentences change people.”
  • Manuscript? whether you use it or not, probably smart to make it because it helps you formulate your thoughts.
  • “Your sermon will sound like whoever you talked to that week.”
  • You shouldn’t worry about your introduction until the end of your planning. But, whenever it comes to you grab it and write it down. YOU HAVE 90 SECONDS TO BUY PEOPLE’S ATTENTION!
  • Andy Stanley is the best at introductions in the country. you should check out the first 10 minutes of some of his sermons.
  • Rick Warren greatest closer in country. You gotta close well. Write it out, think it out, close well!

OK, moving into this week’s sermon prep / brainstorm session. see pt. 3

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  1. November 17, 2010 at 12:27 pm

    Thanks for sharing this Spence. Neat to have an inside look.

  1. November 17, 2010 at 11:39 am

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