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RN10: Ben Reed – Social Media, Why and How

Ok, So I’ve been down at Right Now 2010 for the past couple of days. If you’d like notes from the Right Now conference i encourage you to check out my friend Ben Reed’s site as he is posting notes from basically all of the main sessions. You can also find notes he took on my breakout session “Multi-generational Small Groups” there. Below is my attempt at capturing his thoughts on his breakout session titled: Social Media, Why and How.

Hilarious beginning: Ben’s Mic mac falls off & battery rolls out. he recovered.

Stats on Social Media

  • Facebook – 150 million people engage in facebook from mobile devices. people spend over 700 billion minutes per month. 70% of facebook users live outside of the U.S.  550,000 apps on Facebook.
  • Twitter – 60% of twitter usage is outside of the U.S. Twitter has donated all tweets to library of congress. Dont tweet dumb stuff.
  • LinkedIn – 70 million users worldwide. 80% of companies use linkedIn in recruiting.
  • YouTube – You would need to live for 1000 years to watch all the videos on you tube right now.
  • Blogging – 77% of internet users read blogs. 133 million blogs out right now. 1 in 5 blog every day.

So, WHY should we engage in social media?

  1. Everybody’s doing it – that is where our culture is living.
  2. So many are unconnected – gives the unconnected, connection. Especially for pastors in unconnected situations.
  3. We need your idea – we aren’t going to be able to hear it in the white noise of everyday life.

HOW you can be involved

  1. Its not about what you get its about what you give – cannot approach social media wondering “what’s in this for me.”
  2. What has my attention? – not what did you have for breakfast, but what has your attention right now? Older pastors, please do this for the sake of younger pastors.
  3. Listen – Social Media is not a monologue, its a dialogue. Don’t use it as an information dumping ground. We aren’t looking to send messages, we are looking to engage in a conversation
  4. Discuss – Instead of just dumping information, start discussions.
  5. Constant Beta – people engaged in social media are less concerned about you having your idea fully fleshed out and more concerned with immediacy. dont wait until you’ve had your idea perfected. the world will pass you by.
  6. Be Authentic – post the real things of life: pain, humor, joy, etc. But mix authenticity with wisdom.
  7. Consistency matters – make it a part of your daily routine. You gotta figure out what consistency looks like for you.
  8. See it as part of your work – if you think this is something to do in ADDITION instead of your role as a kingdom influencer it will overwhelm you. Make it a part of life. Then you get the chance to invest in others.
  9. Figure out your voice – what is your past experience, present reality, what are you passionate about, and where are you headed in life?
    Editors Note – Ben has like 13 points, but you should probably work through this grid.
  10. Dont Just Sit There – Do Something!

Ok, questions are pretty good but This post is long enough. If you have questions on this, hit ben up on his blog or @benreed

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