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Convergence: A New Small Group Resource

I am thrilled to participate today in the Convergence Blog Tour. A blog tour? Yeah its my first one too, and its a fun ride so far. All aboard…(i had to say that)

The Resource: Convergence is a DVD-based series of small group studies that will engage your group in a fresh way on what it means for us to “on earth as it is in heaven.” The material does this by providing short thought-provoking conversations between host Don Miller and leading Christian thinkers. I had the chance to preview the conversation between Miller and Dr. Henry Cloud on “Personal Growth: Meeting Life’s Demands.” You can download it and many other videos for only $3.99 (another plus of the material) at the website: allthingsconverge.com.

My Review: First on the product: Miller and Cloud’s discussion in the session I previewed centered around what a healthy transition towards maturity in life looks like. The wild thing is, the more I reflect on the video, the more my brain starts to churn with ideas and opinions. And this is the key “it factor” of a great small group resource. It compels people into discussion that will lead to life change. So THANK YOU CREATIVE MEDIA for such a well-thought through resource. And for everything you are going to get it is really affordable.

Ok, so here are some of my reflections from the Content of “meeting life’s demands”:  Dr. Cloud mentioned a couple of times something I am finding so critical in growing toward maturity, spiritual and otherwise. That is, the presence of other people in your life walking along side of you. Simply: Intentionally engaged community. Nothing can replace a friend who you have given license to observe every element of your life and challenge you on it, especially in those key growth moments life throws at us.As Dr. Cloud says, this involves agreeing between one another that we are going to call one another on where we are being immature and push one another toward maturity in those areas. I’d add here this is why participating in the multi-generational life of the local church is so crucial. Sometimes 18 yr olds only in community with other 18 yr olds ends up looking more like Lord of the Flies than biblical community! But more importantly than that, please don’t settle for a mediocre surface level community experience. Challenge some men or women to push below the surface to the raw realities of life and help one another apply the gospel there.

All in all, Convergence is accessible and a fresh style of resource in a quickly saturating small group resource market. Check it out yourself. The first 25 people who visit convergence today from this post will get a free video download when you enter the code: Shelton. So check it out and Make sure to be back for Friday’s stop on the Blog Tour with  Jeff Gibson.

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