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Review: The Aftertaste of Abandonment

I have the great privilege today to give you a heads up about a new music album set to release November 9, 2010 on itunes and Amazon.com.  I don’t do near enough of this type of thing on the blog but here we go.
The Aftertaste of Abandonment

New Music Video today!

I think the best thing to do here since I am not a music expert is to pull out the laws of awesomeness to evaluate this album. And can I say for the record I feel uber-cool to be reviewing an album before its release! I usually learn about albums when I see the artist get an award at the…grammys? that right? anwyays. here we go.

You operate on this same awesomeness scale I bet. So let’s examine all of the awesomeness factors to see if you should buy this album. Simple yes or no makes the awesomeness scale so awesome. here we go.

1. makes me feel like I could sing the songs: YES! any good music is music you want to sing along to. Lead singer and principal songwriter Jonathan Edwards is clearly a gifted musician & singer, but he controls his voice and music really well. The music doesnt overwhelm you with a bunch of instruments & stuff. Its crisp, intentional, and his voice is clear & powerful. In fact, I’d call his voice in a word, anthemic. and dont we all want to be anthemic? yes.

2. Would you put this album on repeat? YES. Let’s be honest, I’ve got like 3 albums on my itunes (& thus my iphone). So if I’m going to hit play while I work during the day, I need quality. These songs really dont get old. The music builds from the first song to the last in a way that even I can pick up. The story it tells is a familiar one to many in our generation. With powerful emotion Edwards communicates disappointment, pain, & hope alongside each other seamlessly. So I find myself listening each time for more in the story.

3. The Big One: Would you buy it? YES. and I am not one to pay for music if I dont have to. But when the good stuff comes along, you know its worth it. This is the good stuff.

Well, it passes the awesomeness scale. Which means this is an album you need to check out. here are the dets on the release. I hear they say shorten details to “dets” in the recording industry.

CD release show: 11.19.2010 7PM at 2335 Presidential Dr, Durham NC 27703.
Featuring: Jess Ray & The Rag Tag Army, Jordan Sasser, and Daniel Renstrom.

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