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Moving the gospel from the sermon into your small group pt.3

We are taking this week to look at how you and I as small group leaders can take the gospel we hear preached on the weekend in our worship gatherings and move it into our small groups in a way that leads to God-honoring belief & application of the gospel and its implications to the lives of our people. Catch up if you missed the first two: Part 1 – Verbalize the Gospel, Part 2 – Confess to one another.

3. Keep your bible study gospel centered. What is the purpose of your discussion time in your small group? That is a question you should have floating in your mind as a small group leader. What is my end goal? I believe your end goal of your discussion time is giving individuals a clear picture of what the next step in believing the gospel looks like for them. In short, contextualizing the gospel to your people. You cannot create life change. That is the Holy Spirit’s job. But you can help someone evaluate their individual life by the gospel. This is big. Your end goal is not information dissemination. now that may happen to get to your end goal, but dont let it become your end goal (im getting on a tangent about good discussion principles but I will cut it after this next sentence). This frees you to follow a discussion off course from the curriculum to where the Holy Spirit may be penetrating someone’s heart with the gospel as it applies to them.

So how do you keep your discussion gospel-centered? You read the bible with the gospel in mind. How does the text your are studying point to or reflect on the cross? This turns Old Testament characters like Esther, David, Moses, Jonah, Abraham, etc., from models to follow (bad bible study) to a signposts pointing to a savior (good bible study). So we don’t mimic the stuff these guys did, we mimic their faith by FIRST encountering the God they had encountered. So in Abraham you need to see the God behind his faith and encounter him first.That points you to Jesus who is the savior. When you read the New Testament, you dont simply follow the commands laid out in Paul’s letters. You dwell in the gospel behind those commands. Read closely and you will see Paul isn’t dishing out to-do lists, he is prescribing what life “IN CHRIST” looks like. First you have to encounter the Christ Paul encountered.

So every text your group encounters you as the leader should be looking to how it points to the gospel. Then application is “where in your life is it evident you are not believing the gospel?” This gets back to our last post a little. But also, where are you seeing the fruit of beleiving the gospel? Don’t ever forget (and actually this should be first) to celebrate how God is proving faithful in your life as you believe and live in his promises. And make sure you ARTICULATE VERBALLY this stuff. DO NOT ASSUME!

Ok, enough for today. we wrap up tomorrow with one more. So far I am enjoying this series! Thanks for checking it out.

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