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Moving the gospel into your small group pt.2

We are taking this week to look at how you and I as small group leaders can take the gospel we hear preached on the weekend in our worship gatherings and move it into our small groups in a way that leads to God-honoring belief & application of the gospel and its implications to the lives of our people. Part one is here.

2. Confession of Sin to one another. The reality is we tend to mentally compartmentalize our lives so that certain people can see certain parts and even more so that God will not try and get to much room in certain areas. Here is what happens: we hear the gospel in a setting where our reaction to it can stay completely anonymous (re: sermon time). Though God may be convicting us of sin during the preaching of the word, we do not stand up and tell everyone right there on the spot (at least not in the circles I run in). So what do we do with that conviction? Remember, the conviction of sin is the first step, but not the only step, in the sanctification process. What do we do with the conviction God brings from reading the bible and praying on our own? This is precisely what the church was designed for. See when we confess our sin and how God is convicting us over it, that sin is no longer in darkness, it is in LIGHT. The light of the eyes of a fellow brother or sister. And sin has no power in the light.

Wondering why the gospel is not celebrated in your small group? It may be because some people in there (Maybe YOU) are dealing with conviction from God and honestly are very fearful of how they will be perceived if somebody else knows about their sin.  So here is part 2 of this part 2: RIGHT IN THAT MOMENT, when sin is confessed, you do NOT need to say “its ok.” Sin is never ok. It is rebellion against God. But you can and should speak the gospel to them. Good news “You are not a slave to that sin. Christ has set you free from that. The gospel has freed you from it. Confession has exposed it and I am here to help carry the burden and fight it with you.” Confession probably affords the best opportunity to do point 1 – verbalize the gospel. Please do not neglect this critical element of sainthood.

This is the church. sinners confessing sin to other sinners and counting on those sinners to point them towards a sinless God who forgives and redeems sinful people.

ACTION STEP: Consider breaking up into small single gender groups and giving confession a try. warning: you dont have to dump everything on the table the first time. Leader try guiding the group with clear directions like “we are going to break up into groups of 3. When a guy confesses, I want one of you other two to tell him the gospel. You dont have to be a great teacher, but I want you to encourage him in his identity in Christ. Then the next guy go & repeat.”

Other thoughts?

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