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Setting ground rules in your group

One of our small group leaders, Carl Scott, sent me an update on his group today. This is not unusual for Carl and I hope it is the normal practice for every small group leader (that is, staying in touch with your pastor on how disciple-making is going). Anyways, today he told me some ground rules that anyone who wants to become a permanent part of his men’s group has to agree to. He has 3 and I think they are great. here they are in his words:  “we have 3 rules that we believe are advantageous to unity in the body. they are…

  1. we do not talk about politics
  2. after we “kick-off” each friday we do not talk about ‘sports’ as some of us are die-hard Tar Heels and some are die-hard Blue Devils – or something else. (but occasionally before we kick-off we may talk sports. ha!)
  3. we do not make disparaging comments about our church. If one has an issue with the church, he must take it directly to the responsible leader, not talk among ourselves – which is no value add and tears down the body.”

Do you think anyone is going to have a problem with these rules? Of course not. You see what Carl has done? He’s simply been intentional with his men to ensure they do not get side-tracked on potential discussion landmines (trust me, in the triangle, Duke-UNC is a landmine). By laying these ground rules for discussion out, Carl is pushing his men towards a fruitful discussion around the scriptures. I love it.

What are your ground rules you need to lay-out with your group to move your discussion to the next level?

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