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What a weekend

Hello faithful reader (i say singular not to single you out, but realizing my absence has probably dwindled readership to one. I guess I should just say “hey mom.” but i digress)

In my writing absence I was preparing for our semi-annual Small Group Leader Rally here at the Summit. We gather all leaders from all campuses to get on the same page with what is happening in our small groups this fall. More on what we learned from Saturday is coming, but Here are some highlights from Saturday:

  • Estimated 200+ people came. Exact numbers being counted this AM. That is a big win for the future of discipleship at the Summit!
  • What the fall looks like for us:
    • 190 Small Groups this fall at the Summit
    • 80+ people attended the New Leader Orientation (we anticipated 40). Already have a good start on January group plants to go along with the near 40 new groups we will start in a couple of weeks.
    • Freedom Groups launching this fall. very exciting! more to come on them.
    • New North Raleigh Campus launching with 20 groups. WOW.
    • We were privileged to host Kevin Williams who is helping launch small groups at Central Baptist Church in Dunn, NC. Helping other churches is a passion of mine and everything we do is always open for them.

We accomplished alot but I think the big takeaway for me from Saturday was the excitement I saw & heard from so many about being a part of leading the effort to build the community that is the Summit Church. Tune back in the rest of the week for a de-briefing of each session.

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  1. Mom
    August 26, 2010 at 8:10 am

    Hey Son!

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