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my son Zeke turns 2 this week. his brother Ben turns 10 months. one thing Ben is great at doing is smiling & nobody can make him smile like his brother. Zeke just has to crack a smile and Ben will cackle. pretty fun.

zeke has recently taken to consoling Ben when he cries or providing for him when he doesn’t have a toy. because in his limited but honest mind, he wants his brother to be happy. & now he is tacking on “I love you ben” to his incessant talking.

Can’t help but be reminded of scripture in this new stage of life. Paul repeatedly refers to the saints as brothers. Jesus called his followers his true family. God calls believers his children.

do you have “brothers in Christ” who you get to look after because you want to? is your small group living in that reality? I heard one guy say recently “if you want community, go to the YMCA, we are looking for kinship.”

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