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Lessons on friendship: Jonathan

Ok, I’ve never really studied 1 Samuel 18-20 before. I did this week and wow. the friendship between Jonathan & David, though it really doesn’t take up many verses, is very rich in meaning and application for you and I. I listened to an excellent sermon by Tim Keller on the text as I worked through it. Here are some lessons I’m learning from this text on what real friendship looks like:

  1. Friendship is covenantal – Jonathan covenants with David right at the start of Chapter 18. This covenant involves him basically handing over to David his rights to the throne, and committing his life to protect David. This is the opposite of the contractual friendships that we often try and build. That is, I find myself trying to befriend people who will be of benefit to me. And as long as they benefit me, they are my friend. When they cease to provide that benefit, the friendship is over. Jonathan was not that kind of friend.
  2. Friendship is transparent – Wow this is crucial. Jonathan and David’s “souls were knit together.” at the end of chapter 20 they are weeping and kissing one another. These grown men were very close and open with each other. not in a girly way either (sorry ladies but I’m not promoting feminine manhood. aint happenin.). Application for us: You need people in your life that you can be open with. You need to deputize these people with Hebrews 3:13 and let them speak truth to you. Does anybody really know you?
  3. Friendship needs a common passion- These two guys shared a common passion: God’s glory. Jonathan recognized God’s anointing of David and David recognized God’s provision in Jonathan. In 20:40-42 Jonathan says the Lord will be between them forever. Application for us: This side of the cross our friendships MUST be deeply rooted in the cross. Do you mediate on, encourage with, give praise for, the gospel in your small group?

How can you be a friend like Jonathan? Simple, you cant. But you can Love Jesus. And Jesus gives you power to be a Jonathan. Because as you rest in and celebrate how Jesus has become a friend to you (John 15) you are compelled to practice that kind of friendship with others. So love Jesus with someone and then heap on constancy and transparency. See what happens.

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  1. July 27, 2010 at 4:29 pm

    Hey Spencer…you’ve got a great blog going! Keep up the great posts! I have unfortunately seen The Hangover…if you’ve seen it you’ll know why…but I always tell my group that i desire to have Hangover friendships. The kind like you describe above, friends you can open up to and who are not afraid to get in your face and correct and then encourage when you’ve fail. Good stuff!

  2. August 1, 2010 at 6:53 am

    “I listened to an excellent sermon by Tim Keller on the text as I worked through it.” I can totally relate to that in every way possible.

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