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Film & Theology: Inception

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I enjoy cinema. It rocks. I watch movies, dissect plotlines & underscoring messages and have a blast doing. My wife who is too good for me will tell you I can get sucked into ANY movie in under 1 minute. I’m not bragging I promise. As a Christian, I want to be able to interact with film & other media in a way that brings God glory. It doesn’t mean I become a hater on anything not starring Kirk Cameron.  Instead I engage film as a creative outlet seeking to explain, through story, the deep questions of life.

There is no question, the newest film to sweep the country is Christopher Nolan’s Inception. I went with a few other Summit guys this week to see it and we found ourselves standing in the lobby after the film for well over 30 minutes debating what we just saw. We were not alone. The movie takes your brain on a trip that reminds me of the first time I saw the original Matrix movie (you know, the good one.).

So today I hit up all of my go-to sites for “engaging culture” type stuff and I came to two I want to recommend to you.

  1. Maybe the most instructive reading I’ve ever done on Film & Theology comes from our own Summit Elder, Bruce Ashford. He wrote a great series on the Between The Times blog entitled “Taking God to the Movies.” You really gotta check that out.
  2. cinemagogue.com . James Harleman does a great job on his site engaging film & theology and plans to unpack the movie at length over the coming days and weeks here. I suggest you take a look.

PS- cinemablend.com (WARNING: SEE THE MOVIE BEFORE YOU CLICK HERE). This site is not a theology site, its a “theory of what was actually happening in the movie” site. Definitely fun, but see the film first.

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