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God’s grace and more updates

I received a great deal of encouragement from this post on following Jesus and suffering. I am encouraged to see God’s people serve so evidently as vehicles of his grace to our friends here at the Summit. See people are God’s plan A for carrying out his purposes here on earth. I’ve seen such tangible evidences of that this week. God’s grace is evident most prominently in how Christians suffer. So good. More on that in a post coming in the near future. I’d like to update you on memorial service details, and how you can pray & support one of the families here going through tragedy, the Atwood family. They lost their son Chai Samuel due to complications following his birth Monday.

Memorial Service – Will be held at 1pm at the Summit Church Brier Creek Campus with graveside service to follow. Clements funeral home is handling the arrangements. In leui of flowers, the Atwoods have asked that you make a donation to the Summit Church Adoption Fund. To do so, please make your payment payable to the Summit Church with “Chai – adoption fund” clearly indicated on it and submit it to the Summit.

Prayer – Pray for strength for this family in the coming days. Pray they would continue to lean heavily on the truths declared in Romans 8:18-39. I strongly encourage you to read it as you pray for them. These verses have taken over my own personal prayer life this week and what a rich time of renewal in faith it has been for me. Do not rob yourself of the chance to learn from God in these moments. PRAY!

Support – The Atwoods are surrounded by so many great people (and myself). It’s been encouraging to see so many ask how they can serve them. At this point, meals are covered. there are a couple of opportunities coming in the short future that you will be able to give towards to help make their grieving and recovery (and Keva’s physical recovery) as smooth as possible. If you’d like to know more about those, email me at sshelton@summitrdu.com.

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