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What Good Friendship looks like

Foundation of Friendship
You were created to worship. But not to worship opinion of others, to worship God. God is the only one who you can satisfy forever that craving for worth that you have. So if you want to get out of this trap and live free from this debacle, you’ve got to understand who you were created to worship: God.  The Gospel says you find your identity not in man but in what Christ did for you on the cross. See you can do nothing to earn God’s approval but Jesus earned it for you. You must understand where your identity and approval is coming from if you are going to be a real friend to others.

Life Giving Friendship from Acts 2:42-47

Jesus worship instead of Idol worship. These four actions (bible study, fellowship, breaking of bread, prayers) were forms of “devotion” or actions that expressed worship to Jesus. They looked to Jesus and there found the source of life.

Power instead of fear. When they lived together in the way God created, this unleashed the power of God in their midst. God began doing amazing acts that could only be attributed to the Spirit’s presence among them. You want to see God at work? Start living in true community as co-worshipers of Jesus.

Generosity instead of Greed. They freely gave to one another because they had experienced radical generosity in the new life Jesus gave to them. Following Jesus frees you from the greed for approval. Your new desire becomes giving life to others instead of taking it for yourself.

Friendship instead of façade. This church wasn’t perfect. But jew and gentile black and white sat around in their homes together and in the public square and people marveled. This was the miracle. There was no good reason for these people to be together yet there they were.  They weren’t pretending to like each other. There was no good reason to fake it. Nothing to gain. There were actually plenty of reasons to not like eachother. But there they were. Free to fight sin together.

Open instead of closed. God was bringing more people daily into their “clique.” It wasn’t our four and no more. These Christians didn’t get to choose who God saved, they just got to speak and live the gospel in front of their society and see what God did with that. Are you ready to be used by God to bring lost friends to Jesus? Is your small group open to that happening?

Action steps

  • Follow Jesus. You are following something. Unless its Jesus, its idolatry and unsatisfying. Follow Christ.
  • Find a group of Christian friends to serve. Not to be served by, but to serve.
  • If you have Christian friends, move past the surface and start fighting sin together. Get in one another’s lives in a way that you are “having all things in common.”
  • Open yourself to God saving people daily in your midst?

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