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Make the most of Summer.

Listen, It is almost July 1. Are you kidding? The summer is flying by. Small Groups here at the Summit are on a break but a lot is happening underneath the surface. Here are a few arenas you should be thinking through this summer and some ways we are doing so here at the Summit.

Give Leaders a Break. the thing I love about our leaders is they are all either begrudgingly not meeting with their people or secretly meeting so Spence doesn’t find out. I feel like the summer small groups gestapo. Why does this make me happy? Because it tells me our small groups ENJOY being together in community. If everyone was itching for a break, I’d have far bigger concerns than I do now. Why break? Because Leaders need to recharge. Over and over leaders that do not take regular time off burn out quickly. And I am NOT looking for 2 year leaders. I’m looking to build a church of life-long leaders. Those type of leaders need a different pace (think marathon vs. sprinters) & if you arent careful you will create a sprinters culture of leadership in your church.

RECRUIT. Can I say this enough? If you are not recruiting heavily right now for your next group of leaders, you need to wake up. This is prime time. We are going after our biggest group of leaders yet at the Summit and our entire pastoral team is looking right now for new group leaders. So get creative & when you are in those conversations, close the deal!

PREPARE FOR TRAINING. What will you do when the fall kicks up to rally & equip your small group leaders for the fall season? Will you hold one large gathering? Several in-home gatherings? Whatever you do, it needs to be a big deal & you need to show appreciation like crazy. Start Planning now. & do not rely on your budget for this. Training doesn’t have to cost $. We are praying for 200 people at our gathering in August & I’ve challenged our team to plan the whole thing without spending a dime. we will see.

IMPLEMENT SYSTEMS & STRUCTURES. We are transitioning to a new people database in our groups ministry. Its a logistical bear and if we tried to do it with all of our leaders right now, YIKES! Instead, we are slowly rolling it out over summer to a handful of people at a time. Then when we get to our large gathering, everyone will have at least played with it a bit. What do you have that you feel like would create chaos to implement while your church is in full steam this fall? Instead, do it now!

These are just a few, what other things do you consider vital Summertime small group activities?

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