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So I gotta tell you, I love the twitter. Its built clearly by guys. squeeze everything you need to say in 140 characters or less? That’s a man right there!  That said, I think as Christians we’ve got to be aware of what Social Media (twitter, facebook, etc) is, and what it isn’t. It is a tool to enable enhanced communication among humans. It is not a replacement for in person interaction. Maybe I should qualify that to say for the christian this should not be a replacement for in person interaction with others.

I recently took a week long break from Social Media to find myself really “missing” my twitter feed. Like, somebody better take my phone from me or I’m going to check it. Why is that? Why was I somewhat desperate to see what everyone tweeted? I think it’s because regardless of HOW we try and get it, WE want interaction with other humans. This should not surprise the christian of course because the bible tells us we were created to be a part of a community whose lives we are just integrated into.

So am I slamming twitter? NOPE. love it. But, if social media is the main way you “connect” with people in your local church that is no good. Use it, I sure do. But do not lean on it. And while you are at it, turn off your dang TV and go have a real conversation (not about the weather) with somebody in your local church family.

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